Sysdig Monitor extends Prometheus by offering scale and enterprise features without sacrificing compatibility

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Prometheus is an open source, community-driven project for monitoring modern cloud-native applications and Kubernetes. It is a graduated member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation® (CNCF®) and has an active developer and user community.

Sysdig is an active contributor to the Prometheus project and our monitoring product, Sysdig Monitor, offers full Prometheus compatibility with greater scale and long term retention. On top of this, we deliver monitoring, troubleshooting, and security to make it easier to find, fix, and prevent issues.

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Sysdig + Prometheus =
Better Together

Sysdig Monitor is the first commercially available platform that is fully compatible with Prometheus. Give developers their preferred monitoring approach without the management headache. Sysdig scales to millions of metrics with long-term retention and a single backend. You can maximize performance and availability with deep visibility into infrastructure, services and applications by using granular syscall data enriched with Kubernetes context.

Scaling and Extending Prometheus

There are many options for taking Prometheus further in your environment.

  • There are several open source tools available to help federate Prometheus metrics in a DIY approach. Sysdig is a great option for organizations that would like a supported solution that provides scale and additional features like troubleshooting and access controls.
  • The Prometheus query language (PromQL), helps you select and aggregate time-series data in real-time to compute unique metric values. Sysdig has native support for PromQL.
  • A wide range of third-party exporters expose metrics for popular open-source and commercial software and hardware solutions. PromCat offers customer support and can help you select and configure Prometheus integrations.

“Being able to quickly and easily use open standards like Prometheus has been helpful. For example, in the few events when there hasn’t been an out-of-the-box integration, we’re able to build what we want with Prometheus endpoints. It's easy and quick, which is really nice.”

Director of Engineering at SAP Concur

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